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Friday, May 27, 2005

wishes for my daughter

if i could, i would wish some things for my daughter - her birthday is tomorrow - i havne't much to give her, money is so tight, but if i could, there are so many things i would wish for her. i would wish for good health - release from physical and emotional problems and for her panic attacks to cease and desist! i would wish for her and her husband to have financial blessings so they didn't have to scrimp and save. i would wish for her to have the courage to submit her writings and art work for publication and to see her dreams realized because she is so talented and under-appreciated and so afraid of rejection. i would wish her a visit from God's own Holy Spirit to whisper to her the things she needs to know and the answers to the things she struggles with about Christianity, so she could be at peace with herself,others, and with God. i would wish for her husband to have a better job or at least for his boss to appreciate him and give him a raise! i would wish for her sweet little girl to grow up as a loving,caring, joy to her parents (which i think she will anyway) but most of all, i would would wish for my daughter to know how much her parents truly love her - that yes, sometimes we feel like she is a prodigal, but that never changes our love for her which is unconditional. that we wish so much that she wouldn't shut us out when we feel we need to give our opinion, because it is never in anger, but always because as parents, we love her and wish the best for her - we know what its like to feel like you aren't measuring up to your parent's standards - heaven knows we heard it enough when she was little and always have wished we listened to the wisdom of our parents - we probably would have avoided a lot of the mistakes we made in raising's hard to be in the parental seat and feel the rejection of what we know to be wisdom. i know in my heart she will grow past these things, but i wish it wouldn't take so long! i wish she could understand that even in her "rebellion" (which at least is how i think she views herself)we know she is an awesome woman with tremendous potential, but that sometimes she blunts that potential with her own pride.
these are the things i would wish


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