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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Well, Tiff is off to Europe once again - that girl sure does love to travel - wonder where she gets it from LOL! Going to the airport was a trip in itself - i knew that she had booked her flight for one part from JFK and one part from Newark, but I had them backwards and for some unknown reason never asked her to double check - so I booked a hotel for Kennedy and we were on our way down when I innocently asked - "You are flying out of JFK?" - "Am I?" (or something to that effect - aaaaccccckkkk! She looked at her flight info and it was Newark - we had to get off the thruway and call to cancel our hotel (which they graciously did after I cried - it being mother's day and all) and then figure out a. how to get to newark and b. where i was going to find a hotel! well, after some harrowing lane changes, we did find our wway to a flea bag motel in the ghetto. Tiff sat up and watched Elvis movies while I tried to sleep - I think we both slept from about 3-4 am, then we went to the airport, I dropped her off and went back to sleep. I am just glad to be home - having been away for the better part of the last 2 weeks, its nice to be in my own bed again.
Rock on Tiff!


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