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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Goin to see Smitty

WOO HOO! I have been blessed! Michael W. Smith, Selah and Watermark are doing a concert near here tonight - I had wanted to go - I really did, but the tickets were just too steep. So, I planned to work the concert selling t-shirts like I did for Steven Curtis Chapman - but this time the Pepsi Arena wants to use their own people, so I was out of luck. Apparently, God saw fit to have someone bless me with a ticket last night! I am SO excited - I am going with Sonya, Kathy, Mary and Norma - a bunch of old ladies looking to have a good time!!! Well, maybe Sonya isn't old, but the rest of us are getting up there! At any rate, I have a box seat with Norma - can't wait!
On the home front, Spence is waiting to see what his grades are going to be - his Psych professor emailed him a really nice letter yesterday telling him what a pleasure he was to have in class with his "sunny disposition" and that he would like to keep in touch. He also told him if he ever needed a recommendation to let him know. Nice guy - a Canuck too - though he became an American citizen this year.
I expect he will end up with anywhere from a 3.6-4.0 cum this semester. Christine brought all her art projects here to photograph them before she got rid of the bulk of them - our trash can is full!!!!!
The other excitement yesterday was the BAT on our back porch - just a tiny little thing stuck to the top of our porch ceiling trying desparately to sleep with all the door opening and closings - he isn't back today - guess he wised up! I spent the day planting flowers that are okay in cool weather - need to wait till next week to do the rest


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